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Abdominoplasty, Tummy Tuck

At the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, tummy reshaping is among the most frequently performed procedures. Want to know more about tummy tucks? Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Grenga.

This woman was seeking a flatter tummy that she was unable to achieve with exercise alone. She possessed a moderate amount of redundant skin and some muscle laxity. For these reasons, liposuction alone would not be likely to achieve her goals. Dr. Grenga performed a modified tummy tuck: the loose skin was trimmed away, her tummy muscle was tightened up, and some of the adipose tissue from the adjacent flanks and hips was liposuctioned to enhance the tummy tuck.

Her result, shown above on the right, includes a flatter tummy, a trimmer waist and an overall figure enhancement.

Before tummy tuck, the woman depicted here possessed a vertical excess of skin and adipose tissue in the flanks that kept her from having a complimentary figure. After tummy tuck, shown on the right, there is a slimmer, more athletic shape because the loose skin has been removed, the muscles have been tightened, and the waist has been shaped with liposuction.

She is now able to fit into clothing better (actually two dress sizes less!)

The woman shown here was already at a ideal height to weight proportion. Her concerns were redundant adipose tissue on the lower part of the abdomen that would not respond to physical conditioning. A tummy tuck solved the imbalance of her shape-- the result shown in the right photo illustrates the softer contour, flatter tummy and more youthful look overall that was achieved with a tummy tuck.

This, as with most of the examples shown in this section on abdominoplasty, was accomplshed as an outpatient with no overnight stay.

Better definition of the tummy muscles is produced by one of the aspects of the tummy tuck operation: plication (tightening with stitiches) the main abdominal muscles. This woman shows an excellent example of the skin smoothing and muscle tightening that is produced with tummy tuck. For many women, loose skin is the major problem that affects the abdomen. Stretch marks, wrinkles and redundant, draping skin folds make the tummy look older than it really is.

Even lean individuals may experience skin laxity following one or more pregnancies. This condition arises because the elastic tissue just does not return to its previous tightness after delivery. Abdominoplasty usually helps this situation. For some women, a "mini-tuck" is just the thing to restore a tight tummy with eradication of the loose skin. The incision is hidden neatly underneath even a low-cut panty.

In many instances, prior child-bearing produces a combination of loose skin, muscle laxity and a central or lower abdominal bulge. Tummy tuck addresses each situation to produce a smoother, trimmer, younger-looking abdomen. It generally contributes to a more youthful figure.

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