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Abdominoplasty, Tummy Tuck

For many women, the abdomen does not return to a flat, smooth contour after childbirth, weight gain/weight loss. Sometimes these changes that occur are not flattering. That doesn't mean that you have to put up with less than your best appearance. Tummy tuck is the principal procedure for restoring to the abdomen a flat surface, smooth contour, and shapely waist. Dr. Grenga specializes in rejuvenation of the tummy. Tummy tuck might consist of removing the extra skin, tightening the loose muscles to help provide a longer lasting result and combining liposuction to selectively reduce fatty tissue in the adjacent areas. In most instances, with appropriate planning, tummy tuck can be performed as an outpatient.

Would you like to know whether we can help you return your tummy to a more youthful shape? There are hundreds of women who have wondered this same question since 1987, the year Dr. Grenga began practicing in Hampton Roads.

They have experienced what one of Hampton Roads most experienced plastic surgeons has to offer you: a commitment to specializing in this exciting way to enjoy a more attractive figure.

Abdominoplasty is a procedure that we frequently combine with other operations at the same setting. This woman who underwent abdominoplasty also had a breast reduction operation at the same time. There are advantages to having two procedures at the same time.

The "downtime" is usually no longer that for one procedure. Dr. Grenga will discuss your options for more than one operation at a time during your consultation.

During tummy tuck, adjacent areas of redundant adipose tissue may be removed with liposuction as shown in this example. While the incision is concealed beneath the lines of the woman's undergarment, flabby contours in the waist and hips are smoothed with liposuction to complement the tummy tuck result.

The combination of a traditional or modified tummy tuck with liposuction produces a rejuvenation of the entire torso in many instances.

Notice the flattening of the abdominal profile in this example. This can only be achieved by muscle tightening during tummy tuck and cannot be produced with liposuction alone. Some skin tightening was performed as well-- this resulted in a significant reduction of stretch marks on the surface of the tummy.


Among the more significant effects that Dr. Grenga has been able to achieve with tummy tuck are treatment for massive redundant skin draping. This problem is often associated with chafe in the groin folds, chronic rashes, irritation and even skin breakdown.

Dr. Grenga's experience with tummy tucks and the treatment of skin laxity problems for those who have lost significant amounts of weight have helped make him one of the regions experts for treating this common problem.

More often, abdominoplasty is suited for those stubborn fat deposits and loose skin that just won't go away with physical conditioning and dieting measures. The young woman whose before and after mini-tuck views are shown here was an ideal candidate for reduction of the tummy contours.

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