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Surgery After Weightloss

Surgery after weight loss can help you to achieve your best appearance when drooping skin and resistant fatty deposits just refuse to go away. Your arms, thighs, tummy, buttocks, breasts, neck and face may be affected by weight loss, not necessarily in the most complimentary fashion. Your weight loss may have created more skin laxity than you anticipated. If this reflects your concern after weight loss, schedule a consultation at the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Let Dr. Grenga help you achieve the figure restoration which you'd hoped would follow your weight loss. Some individuals who lose weight experience changes which affect more than one area of the body. Among these areas are the tummy, thighs, arms, neck/face, and the breasts.

Thigh lift is the procedure for restoring skin tone after weight loss leaves thigh skin loose and wrinkled. The before and after thigh result shown in the photos reflects the removal of loose skin and some fat deposits that were resistant to weight loss and conditioning. The incision runs in the inner thigh for this individual. Sometimes, Dr. Grenga can place the scar hidden within the groin crease at the upper thigh.

Thigh lift can be combined with a tummy tuck, liposuction, and other body contouring procedures.

The woman shown in the photos above and below underwent two simultaneous procedures to address the changes that she experienced after weight loss: redundant lower abdominal skin and drooping breasts with decreased volume. The before and after photos depict that the abdomen has been flattened and the tummy muscles have been tightened with a modified tummy tuck.

During the same operation, her breasts were snugged and enlarged with breast enlargement to help rebalance her figure.



Men who sustain a significant weight loss may experience skin laxity and drooping breasts. Restoration of a smoother chest contour after male breast surgery is shown here.


During this same procedure, this young man had the loose skin of his torso removed with tightening of the tummy shape (shown before and after his operation).


Women who lose weight are very likely to experience some loss of the breast tissue and possibly some skin droop as well. A more balanced shape can be achieved with a breast tuck and/or breast implants if there is an accompanying loss of breast fullness after weight loss.


One of the most confounding effects of significant weight loss is the loose skin which hangs beneath the arms. This may involve a combination of extra skin and/or redundant fatty tissue.

These before and after armlift photos show what can be generally expected: a trimmer arm contour. Armlift can be combined with other rejuvenative surgical procedures or it may be performed by itself, as an outpatient. Usually, the recovery time is about two-three weeks before one may resume exertional activity.

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