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Surgery After Weightloss, Lower Body

After gastric bypass, even when a successful weight goal is reached, some individuals have persistent loose skin which may resist further weight loss and conditioning efforts. Probably the most common location for this is the lower abdomen. In some instances, the loose skin may drape all the way around the torso to include the hips and buttock areas. A lower body lift is designed to address the excess skin so that a trimmer contour is produced, one that compliments the rest of the slimmer shape produced by post gastric bypass weight loss.

The images shown here are of an individual who, after significant weight loss, experienced a large amount of redundant skin even though her Body Mass Index had fallen to a nearly normal level. She has had a circumferential lower body lift which surgically removes excess skin and tightens the remaining skin of the hips, buttocks, and tummy. The scar is typically concealed beneath a standard bikini style garment.


Before and after photos for surgery after weightloss, lower body


Before and after photos for surgery after weightloss, lower body


Plastic Surgery after weight loss, circumferential lower body lift


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