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Mommy Makeover

For many women who've had one or more children, physical changes brought about by pregnancy or breast feeding can be hard to erase even with exercise and healthful dietary habits. That's why we offer the Mommy Makeover. This rejuvenating plan for your figure may include tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift or other procedures for restoring a more youthful body.

Some of the problems that women have consulted Dr. Grenga for and the usual procedures for them include; loose lower abdomen skin, tummy tuck abdominal hernia, tummy tuck and muscle tightening, left over fatty deposits, liposuction, breast droop, breast lift and/or implants.

This example of Dr. Grenga's Mommy Makeover illustrates what can be achieved with a woman's figure that has been affected by child-bearing. Firmer, perkier breast shapes and a trimmer, athletic looking tummy are the result of breast lift and tummy tuck. Both procedures can be combined and, in most instances, are performed as an outpatient. You may note the location of surgical scars-- in most instances scars fade or they are concealed by undergarments.

Another example is illustrated here: combined with weight loss and surgical tuck, many of the physical changes of a woman's body that are associated with child-bearing are reversed. Dr. Grenga will individualized each woman's treatment plan to reflect the degree of loose skin, muscle laxity and redundant fatty tissue then formulate a plan before operation. Shown here are the before and after views of an individual whose Mommy Makeover depict the most common combination of rejuvenate body contouring that Dr. Grenga performs- breast lift with tummy tuck.

This woman's breasts have been treated with a breast lift while preserving all existing volume. The droop and downward position of the nipples has been corrected with her operation also know as mastopexy. Also, her torso shape has been rejuvenated with a tummy tuck which has the effect of flattening the front surface, enhancing the curve of the waist and tightening up all loose skin. The incision has been placed so that it is hidden in the bikini line and is concealed by most styles of undergarment.


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Do you think that you are a candidate for a Mommy Makeover procedure? Just contact any of our office staff to schedule your comprehensive consultation with one of Tidewater's most experienced plastic surgeons.