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There are some circumstances where liposuction is used to compliment another procedure. For the woman shown, before tummy tuck on the left, liposuction was used to produce a more shapely waist and smooth out the contours of the torso. The use of liposuction for this purpose means that incisions for the tummy tuck remain hidden from view beneath the undergarment.


The tummy, hips, and thighs are among the more frequently treated areas for which we use liposuction to achieve a more attractive contour. Note that after liposuction has reduced the adipose tissue, there are virtually no incision scars visible.


One of the most common sites for which Dr. Grenga uses liposuction to reshape soft tissue contours is the tummy. This young woman was not able to obtain the trimmest shape with conditioning and exercise. After liposuction of the abdomen and waist, she has a more shapely tummy and a narrower waist.

The same individual who is shown above is shown in this side view. Note the flatter tummy profile and slimmer shape to the entire torso.
Individual details can be highlighted with liposuction. The woman shown has had liposuction in the under buttock fold. Note the enhanced defintion of the buttock-thigh junction and shapelier curve at its border with the outer thigh.
Another example of selective sculpting with liposuction is illustrated in the next two pairs of before and after photos.The first woman had sculpting of the inner thighs and outer thighs-- note how much slimmer the thighs appear; there is no longer "crowding" of the inner thighs.
Another example of selective sculpting with liposuction is illustrated in this individual who had sculpting of the outer thighs and hips.There is a smoother contour with a more balanced shape overall. The buttock creases are better defined and create a more shapely derriere, without removal of any fat from the buttock.
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