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Gynecomastia Correction

Reduction of breast overgrowth (gynecomastia) relieves embarassing breast excess for men.

While it is normal for adolescent men to develop a small amount of breast enlargement, often tender, this condition usually resolves by age 14-15. When it persists, surgery for gynecomastia can help to restore a masculine chest shape. Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, a small incision is made to remove the redundant part of the breast tissue. This is performed at our Center, as an outpatient for most men.

In adult men, many conditions can give rise to enlarged breasts. Certain medications, some medical conditions, and in some instances no specific cause is responsible for this problem. If the main component of the enlargement is fatty tissue, Dr. Grenga can remove the excess with liposuction to further help decrease visibilty of the scar.

This young man had lost a considerable amount of weight through diet and exercise. The breasts retained an excess of tissue and drooping skin. This is the most severe type of gynecomastia. In the after surgery view on the right, the chest shape and breast size is now more masculine.


Just a redundant mound of tissue beneath the nipple. Reduction of the excess male breast tissue may require only that the tissue beneath the skin be removed.


Often, this can be accomplished by small, inconspicuous incisions that are placed at the border of the areola (the pigment circle around the nipple); in the armpit hidden from view; or in the lower breast fold.

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