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Brow Lifts

Brow lift is a procedure that is primarily aimed at rejuvenating the upper face. The procedure deals with tightening loose forehead skin, decreasing muscle function that causes forehead wrinkles, and lifting the brows to a more youthful position when they are drooping. So, it's really a group of procedures that are all rolled into one. Coarse lines on the forehead can be improved while frowner lines can be decreased or in some instances completely eliminated. Dr. Grenga performs this procedure by the traditional approach using an incision within the scalp and with the newer technique using an endoscope that offer smaller incisions when the circumstances permit.

After brow lift procedure, the forehead is smoother and looks rejuvenated.

Coarse lines on the upper face can be improved with a brow lift. After brow lift procedure, the forehead is smoother and looks rejuvenated. The results shown here depicts the smoother, younger forehead appearance which is the result of a brow lift. It removes years of wrinkle lines from the forehead.


The brow lift procedure is the preferred procedure for rejuvenating the upper face. It is often combined with an eyelid tuck to further enhance the result. Dr. Grenga performs brow lift as an outpatient; the recovery time is usually about one week. The attractive woman shown in the photos has obtained a smoother forehead, elimination of the frown creases, elevation of a droopy brow and a side effect-- lifting of the upper eyelid which further enhances the beauty of this result.

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