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Eyelid Tucks

Eyelid Tucks are available to you at the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery for the correction of drooping eyelid skin. Probably no facial procedure produces a more dramatic result than restoring the youthful eyelid fold and removing the excess skin of the upper and lower eyelids.

Perhaps your friends or coworkers have commented on how tired you look or inquire whether you've gotten enough rest lately. If your tired eyes or drooping eyelids are the reason for this, then you should take advantage of Dr. Grenga's experience with hundreds of individuals who, like you, have wished that they didn't have to look older than they really are.... if only their eyes didn't look so droopy! Your consultation with him will help you determine if you are a candidate for this way to look younger and reveal how truly attractive your eyes can be.

Eyelid tuck is also called blepharoplasty. This is a procedure for reducing the amount of excess skin and/or fatty tissue in the upper and lower eyelids. Excess skin in the upper and lower eyelids creates the appearance of fatigue and even makes one look older than the real age. Dr. Grenga has treated individuals with eyelid tuck ranging in age from the mid-30's to the eighties. Often the condition requiring an eyelid tuck "runs in the family". One of the most common remarks which our patients voice is "My mother (or father) had heavy eyelids like I now have!". Drooping eyelids caused by weak lid lifting muscles can also cause one to look significantly older.

At your consultation for eyelid tuck, Dr. Grenga will help you to determine just what makes the eyelid appear to droop. Too much skin? Excess fatty tissue? Maybe a lax lifting muscle. Each problem has its own solution; both loose skin and weak muscles may be present at the same time. Each component can be repaired at the same time for most affected individuals.

After the eyelid tuck, a younger more attractive appearance is achieved. The incision is placed in the natural eyelid crease for the best concealment. Some swelling, and usual some bruising are to be expected. These generally last a few days to several weeks depending on several factors related to skin health, medical problems and the healing history of that person.

In most instances, eyelid tuck is performed at our Center as an outpatient. In some instances, the procedure can be performed under a local anesthetic only. Ask Dr. Grenga whether this is a possibility for you. Sedation is used to help things go safely and smoothly.


A local anesthetic medication is injected as well. In about three hours total (sign-in, operation and recovery), you can have the eyelid tuck which can help your eyelids appear more rested and youthful. It's one of the more frequent procedures that we offer to help you look your best. For many women and men in their thirties and forties, familial traits such as eyelid droop begins to show well before other signs of facial aging. Eyelid tuck produces a more youthful shape to the eyelids.

To learn more about eyelid tuck, just click here to contact us today. We'll be happy to send you an information packet that will help you learn more about this procedure. In addition, we'll introduce you to one of Hampton Roads most experienced plastic surgeons.

Blepharoplasty-Eyelid Tucks, continued.

Do you think that you are a candidate for a eye tuck procedure? Just contact any of our office staff to schedule your comprehensive consultation with one of Tidewater's most experienced plastic surgeons.

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