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Breast Tuck

Breast tuck is a procedure for the woman who is pleased with the volume of her breast tissue but is unhappy about the droop of her breast. Usually, she looks and feels well about her appearance in clothes, bra or bathing suit. Often the loss of breast tissue comes with child bearing, breast feeding and sometimes as a familial characteristic. Breast tuck is an outpatient procedure which can restore your breasts to a more youthful, balanced appearance. Your consultation with Dr. Grenga will include a discussion of the alternatives available for restoring your breasts to the shape you desire. Breast tuck can be performed as an adjunct to breast enlargement when you seek enhancement and a breast tuck.

Breast tuck is a procedure that is performed for women who possess some degree of breast droop and who do not wish to have the breasts enlarged. A tuck involves the removal of loose skin and an internal tightening of the breast tissue. Ideal candidates are those who have nearly symmetrical breast volumes, who possess breast droop (where the nipple lies at or below the level of the under breast fold), who do not smoke, and who understand the necessity for a scar placed on the breast for the tuck.

The before and after breast tuck photos shown are of a young woman whose figure was enhanced with a breast tuck. Before operation, shown on the right, even a bra could not completely "perk" up the breasts.

Breast tuck is also appropriate for women who want to have their silicone breast implants removed. In many instances, removal of silicone implants is accompanied by a drooping of the loose breast tissue and creation of slack skin.

This condition can be prevented with a breast tuck performed at the same time that the silicone implants are removed. In some cases, the same incisons can be used for both purposes. The women whose photos are shown had a disfigurement of the breasts caused by silicone gel implants that had been placed in another city many years ago.

Dr. Grenga helped both of these individuals to reestablish more shapely, perkier, softer breasts with removal of the leaking silicone material and a simultaneous breasts tuck. Tuck incisions are placed in the least conspicuous locations for that individual's circumstances.

For many women, the connective tissue support for the breast has loosened, perhaps after a pregnancy or breast feeding. Breast tuck returns the breast to a more perky postion.

In most instances, there is sufficient tissue present in the breast but it lacks adequate support to provide a youthful appearance. Breast tuck helps to restore the more youthful looking breast. In some instances, a breast implant is used to increase volume at the same time that the breast is tucked upward.


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