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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction can help you to look and feel better about your appearance. Many women suffer needlessly due to excessive breast tissue. Back, shoulder, neck and breast pain; deep shoulder grooves from bra straps digging in; skin chafing between and underneath the breasts; poor exercise tolerance-- these are among the many symptoms which can be drastically improved with your breast reduction. Dr. Grenga has performed this procedure hundreds of times since 1984, for women whose ages range from 16 to 76!

Excessively large breasts usually causes chronic breast discomfort; back, neck and shoulder pain; and skin chafing beneath and between the breasts. All too often, this problem cannot be improved with exercise, diet or medications. When these measures fail, breast reduction might be just the thing to relieve the discomfort that you suffer. Since 1987, Dr. Grenga has helped hundreds of women between the ages of 16 and 76 with breast reduction.

After breast reduction, the position, size and shape of the breast are improved and almost always relieve the symptoms that are caused by excess breast weight. Many of our patients note an improved posture as a result of their breast reduction procedure. For most women, this procedure is performed by Dr. Grenga as an outpatient. Generally, you can expect to feel the difference almost immediately. Reduction of the excessively large breasts tends to rebalance the entire torso for a more youthful shape. If you believe that breast reduction might help you with relief of symptoms that are bothering you, contaact us to schedule your consultation with one of Hampton Roads' most experienced breast surgeons, Dr. Tad Grenga.

Because many insurance companies have policies regarding breast reduction, we will attempt a preauthorization for you if you meet your insurer's criteria.

Even women with a lean figure can suffer the back, neck and shoulder pain that is so frequently associated with large breasts. This young woman could not achieve adequate relief from the pain of large breasts even though she routinely used bras for support. Her before and after breast reduction surgery results are shown in these photos. The after surgery breast shape and size have been altered so that they now match her figure and she was able to resume virtually all of her physical activities that she wanted to perform. Plus, the breasts are now perkier.


The location of incisional scars varies from person to person. In these photos, the position of the scars are fairly typical. They are pink at this stage of healing, yet it is usual for scars to fade and eventually blend in with the surrounding skin. For widely stretched areolas, reduction of the diameter is performed with breast reduction.

For many women, breast enlargement begins to catch up with them in middle age. Large breasts may interfere with routine daily activities or work chores; it may keep one from participating in physical conditioning exercises or sporting hobbies. Many of our patients seek relief of pain and discomfort in the back, shoulders, and neck. Others relate that their principal problem is pain in the large breasts. In addition to reducing this woman's enlarged breasts and relieving discomfort, surgery has also produced a better balance to her figure and shapelier breasts.

Full busted women are often affected with back, shoulder, and or neck pain as a result of the weight of the large breasts and its effect on the woman's posture. The before and after photos of the woman shown here demonstrate the more erect posture that often follows breast reduction surgery. In addition, the breasts are now more perky and the overall balance of her figure is improved.

Breast reduction simultaneously decreases excess breast weight and relieves the burden that many women suffer as a result of the large size of their breasts. A lift effect is created as well. The after surgery result shown in the photo at the right illustrates that the reduced breasts are smaller and perkier and reflect a more harmonious balance to the figure as well. It is not unusual for us to see a positive change in the posture as a result of breast reduction.

For the more fuller-figured woman, breast reduction may the only realistic solution for decreasing excessively large breasts. Often the condition runs in the family. It is not unusual for us to learn the "my mother (or sister, aunt, daughter) has had breast enlargement as well. The mosst frequent complaints for which Dr. Grenga reduces the enlarged breasts are back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. These symptoms often appear when no underlying problem is present. When additional problems exist, such as arthritis, back problems, herniated disks, and fibromyalgia, breast reduction along with appropriate medical measures may also help relieve discomfort from the large breasts.

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Do you think that you are a candidate for a breast reduction procedure? Just contact any of our office staff to schedule your comprehensive consultation with one of Tidewater's most experienced plastic surgeons.