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Breast Enlargement

Breast enhancement with implants produces larger, more shapely breasts. For most women, this means a more attractive figure in many clothing styles: business attire, sportswear, and beachwear. For women who already possess ample breast volume, breast enhancement with implants can help to boost volume even further. This is desirable for those who are physically conditioned so that larger breasts helps balance the remainder of the figure.

Depending on your goals, breast enhancement can produce results that you cannot achieve with exercise or any other means. There are a great variety of sizes and shapes of implants currently available. Dr. Grenga will help you to determine which of these most attractively improves your figure. Many factors are involved in this assessment. Your current breast size, your desired cup size, the stretch-ability of your skin, the condition and size of your chest muscle, and the location of the nipple relative to the under breast fold all come into play. Many otherwise well-proportioned women do not possess a breast size which is balanced with the rest of the figure. Before and after breast enhancement with implants shows how a better balance to the figure can be achieved.

For individuals who already possess breast implants and wish to undergo an additional increase in breast size, Dr. Grenga will conduct a consultation and determine just how much additional enlargement is possible. In most instances, he will be able to use the existing scars without producing any new scars.

The woman shown here achieved a "C" cup size from a "A" cup size. Her breast enhancement also produced a more harmonious balance between the breast and torso, complimenting her petite, lean figure.


The woman shown here, a mother of four, was both physically active and well-conditioned from frequent exercise. Her before and after breast enhancement photos are shown. Her implants were placed through under arm incisions and implants were positioned beneath the chest muscle to produce natural contours.

The woman who is shown in the photos here (before surgery on the right and after operation on the left) has had a breast enhancement using saline implants that were placed through incisions in the under breast folds. The scars are virtually out of sight and are normally concealed with her bathing suit top or bra. This choice of incision allows Dr. Grenga to place the implants either above the chest muscle (sub mammary) or below the chest muscle (sub muscular). During your consultation, Dr. Grenga will help you learn which option best suits your goals and your existing breast size and shape.

For lean, muscularly developed women such as the woman in the photos shown here, placement of the breast implants is ideally performed under the chest muscle (called sub muscular, also referred to as sub pectoral). This increases the likelihood that the implants will not be visible and that implant wrinkling will not be seen. Individuals with a more ample soft tissue layer between skin and breast tissue may have the implants placed beneath the breast tissue (sub mammary, also called pre pectoral).

This woman's goal was to enhance the volume of her breasts and create more fullness especially in the upper portions where her own tissue was absent. Breast enhancement with implants creates a three-dimensional increase in the breast size: width, vertical length and projection are proportionately increased with breast enhancement.

Breast enhancement with saline implants performed for this woman: note the improved balance to the figure overall.

While there are many options for implant size, shape and location of the incision, each woman receives a personalized approach to implant selection. Note the natural appearance after enhancement. Saline implants placed beneath the chest muscle lend a natural-appearing figure enhancement to this young woman's body. The upper breast is fuller and the overall effect complements a wide variety of clothing styles. Dr. Grenga strives to create the most natural appearance for each individual who seeks enhancement of her breasts.


Breast enhancement may require a combination of implants to enlarge the breast volume and a lift to create a more perky shape. Breast lift takes several forms- the incision can be around the areola as seen in this woman's photos, or a combined areolar and vertical location, depending on the amount of excess skin and degree of breast droop. When the breast is enhanced with implants, in addition to a larger cup size a three dimensional increase takes place: there is a larger diameter of the breast, a greater amount of projection occurs and in some instances the areola may appear a little larger.

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