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Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement is also known as breast augmentation; breast implants; and breast enhancement. Dr. Grenga uses FDA approved saline (sterile salt water) and silicone gel implants.The modern design and variety of these implants help you to achieve the best result for your particular need- whether it be to replace lost breast volume after child bearing or breast feeding; or to enhance breast size when you simply want to be more voluptuous. At one time, there was one shape, and only one shape of implant available. Today, there are several different shapes and many sizes from which Dr. Grenga and you may choose to achieve your choice of enhancement. At the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, you have many options for achieving your breast enlargement with augmentation mammaplasty.

In the first photo below this woman suffered from breast pain aka mastodynia due to fibrocystic breast disease. While this generally is not a malignant disease and does not lead to breast cancer, it can be of great discomfort particularly around the monthly cycle. The breast tissue was removed without taking away any skin; the nipple/areeola of each breast is preserved. She wanted to achieve a better balance of the breast size relative to her shape.

Her implants were placed under the chest muscle via areolar incisions; the areolas were trimmed to elevate the slight droop of the breast skin. She started with a small "B" cup; her final cup size was "C-D". She has resumed a physical conditioning routine.

This young woman is a 25 -year old mother of two. She wanted to restore breast volume that shrunk after breast feeding her children. Her "before" photo, on the left, shows the small B cup size; after breast enlargement, she wears a "D" cup size (right photo). Implants were placed via areolar incisions, under the chest muscle.

This 30 year old lean woman wanted to achieve a better balance of the breast size relative to her chest and waist. Her implants were placed under the chest muscle via areolar incisions; the areolas were trimmed to a smaller, more round shape. She started with a "A-B" cup; her final cup size was "C". Note the nicely defined outlines, attractive shape and desirable cleavage.

There are several breast enhancement options available at the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic& Plastic Surgery.

For breast implant surgery, also called breast enhancement, breast enlargement, or augmentation mammaplasty, we currently use saline implants which are the only implants approved by the FDA for primary breast enhancement. Dr. Grenga offers your choice of incision: you may prefer to avoid any scar on the breast at all. In that case, he'll use the axillary (armpit) site to best conceal your scar. Or, if you prefer a traditional approach, he can use the under breast crease or the areola border for your incision. You may view examples of the various results of breast enhancement procedures that Dr. Grenga has performed on our website; other examples are available for viewing at the office as well. We'll be happy to share these with you at your consultation with Dr. Grenga.

Once your have had a consultation at the Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, we can help you determine your options for incision location, implant size and whether to place your implants beneath the chest muscle or on top of the muscle. We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule-- we're committed to helping you minimize your "down time".Just let us know what your particular needs are.

"What if I don't want to add anything; I just want to look perkier?" In this case, a mastopexy is used to lift the sagging skin which fails to support the breast upward. This procedure is also known as a breast tuck and is conducted as an outpatient. We sometimes combine breast tuck with breast implants for those who want both larger breast and perkier shapes.








This woman has had breast enhancement with saline implants that were placed through incisions in the armpit. You cannot see the scars when the arm is held in most of its usual positions once the scar settles fully. Notice the rounder, fuller shapes that are produced by breast enhancement: the upper part is no longer concave and the projection of the nipple is increased. There is more breast volume on the outer and inner aspect which creates a more balanced torso overall.

Depending on your goals, breast enhancement can produce results that you cannot achieve with exercise or any other means. Plus, breast enhancement usually means a more complimentary fit in clothing, sport wear and swim suits.There are a great variety of sizes and shapes of implants currently available. Dr. Grenga will help you to determine which of these most attractively improves your figure. Many factors are involved in this assessment. Your current breast size, your desired cup size, the stretch-ability of your skin, the condition and size of your chest muscle, and the location of the nipple relative to the under breast fold all come into play.

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Do you think that you are a candidate for a breast enhancement procedure? Just contact any of our office staff to schedule your comprehensive consultation with one of Tidewater's most experienced plastic surgeons.